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      I really like the Unix's fortune program and I though it could be a good idea porting it to Windows. The actual fortune is a little bit complex and I just really wanted a small program that displays the fortune's quotes. So, I designed a Fortune4Windows in less than 10 minutes. It has many bugs but this is all I wanted. If you really want to add things, Fortune4Windows is published under GPL (send me your changes or bug me to make it better).

      The only thing you need to run Fortune4Windows is (besides a Windows Operating System) a fortune file. You can get these files from the Unix-Linux fortune. I've added a collection already for those who are bored to seek. File cur_for contains the number of the next fortune to be displayed (it is not random). So, the only thing you need to do is to just run the program or place it to your Start Program Menu.

Quick Start :
      Read Install.txt for installation information (don't worry, they are really small :) Fortune4Windows slides in when it starts and slides out when it closes. If you double click on it, it will close instantly. By pressing Enter you can enter the number of a cookie. By pressing backspace you go one cookie back and by pressing any key, you can see the next quote.

Bug, Ideas, Swearing, A hello or everything you wanna say:
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Have Fun!
Jon Vlachoyiannis


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